Inspired Construction

Inspired are specialist investors, developers and asset managers. We focus exclusively on developing and refurbishing housing in emerging locations within Central and Inner London.

Inspired by Construction is the product of a team of people who first built their own property portfolios. So we don’t just know what we’re talking about – we’ve been there and done it.

With over 50 years of combined experience in transforming run down real estate into high quality, high yield housing, we’ve learnt a heck of a lot. And by passing on this knowledge, we have helped numerous people profit with us.

As long term property investors, we have a proven track record in minimising outlay and costs while maximising returns. It’s a rare and highly prized combination of skills ideally suited to these uncertain times.

Our reputation has attracted some exceptional partnerships with clients, service providers and financiers. Why not you too?

If you have a site, home or investment property you would like us to transform for you, please get in touch. Phone 020 7476 7001 Mail